Dash Radio is a digital radio. It is a broadcasting platform over 80 original stations. These stations are handled by DJs, radio personalities, musicians, and music tastemakers. This platform includes partner stations operated by many DJs. Some of them are Snoop Dogg, Kylie Jenner, Lil Wayne, B-Real of Cypress Hill, and others. DashRadio has no subscription fees. It is commercial-free. DashRadio Station was launched on August 19, 2014. It’s all about Dash music.

This app is available for both Android and iOS. DashRadio announced integration with Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo Devices in January 2017.

How To Sign Up Dash Radio Sign:

  • For sign in the account, we have to press the sign-in button on the left side of the screen.
  • For signing in with our email we have to press sign in via email.
  • Then we must fill in order to be a member which is namely email and password two times.
  • Then we can use the service as long as we want until we log out from our account as it provides the free service.
  • After you sign in to the account, you can stream radio.
  • Then next we sign in we can sign in by using email or Facebook/Twitter.

Dash Radio Sign-In Via Facebook:

  • For it, we have to authorize the app by clicking the continue button. Now, we are a legitimate user.

Dash Radio Sign In Via Twitter:

  • For it, we have to authorize the app by clicking the Authorize button.
  • Now, we are signed in as a legitimate user.

Dash Radio Sign In Via Email:

  • For it, we have to type the app our registered email using a password.
  • And click on the sign-in button.

How To Reset DashRadio Account:

  • For Resetting the account we have to click on the forget the password
  • Type the new password
  • Click on the Send reset link and we have to open our email
  • Then click on the link and it will reset the account.

How To Delete DashRadio:

  • For deleting the account we have to click on the terms and services
  • Then scroll down to no.14 to Termination
  • You can send an email to the given email address for termination
  • And you successfully deleted your account.

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