How to Reset Miniclip Password?

Miniclip is a free website that hosts a large collection of solo and multiplayer games that you can play on your mobile or computer. You can play with others as a team or as opponent, instant message people and comment on the games. Miniclip is a leader of mobile and pc games that develops, publishes and distributes highly engaging games to the audience of 200 million monthly active users, across mobile, social and online platforms globally.

Rob Small who founded Miniclip in 2001, the successfully grown company that has huge organic global audience in over 195 countries and across six continents. It has a special understanding of digital games space, also it has developed a powerful portfolio over 45 HQ(high quality) games, having catalogue of 1000 online games, and huge worldwide distribution and globally recognized brand name “MINICLIP”.

Quick facts

  1. Miniclip game has been downloaded over 1 billion times!
  2. “Dancing Bush” was the first game that was viral. 
  3. It has a daily active users of all the age.
  4. 8 Ball Pool™ , Soccer Stars™ and™. are leading mobile franchise.
  5. 8 Ball Pool™ is the most successful title which has passed 10 billion game plays.

How to Sign up?

If you are willing to joining the miniclip family, I’ll show you how to create your new miniclip account.

So, you can start having fun. To create new account follow the following steps.

  1. Go to
  2. At top right corner of the page you can see this menu:

3. You can easily login through facebook account.

How to Login?

  1. For signing in to miniclip first go to
  2. You see login button at the top right corner of the page, click on login.

3. You can easily login through your facebook account.

How to Reset Account?

To reset miniclip account password follow following steps:

  1.  Go to
  2. Click on log in.
  3. Click on forget password. Then you’ll redirect to the page as below.

4. Enter your email and click submit.

5. You’ll get a recovery mail to your mail, go to your Gmail and follow the given link to reset your password.

6. Now enter new password and you are all done to reset your Miniclip password.

How to Delete Account?

If you want to delete your account you will have to send a request via our Web Form. Choose from there: Type of issue: Account related –> I have data related question –> I wish to delete my account.

For us to be able to do that procedure, you will also have to send us some security details from your account, which will verify you as the account owner.

Want to delete account?

It is important to make sure you are the account owner since that will avoid other players from scamming your account easily. So, make sure you have a Miniclip account registered and save every account detail at the moment of account creation!

The things asked for the delete procedure support are:

Game name:

User ID you have in the game.

Email address of your account (if applicable):


Your Country:

Approximate date of creation of this account:
The reason for your request to delete your profile:
Do you want to remove your Miniclip support account in Zendesk?, If Yes, please note that all of your information in Zendesk account will be deleted including any open/pending/closed tickets:

Screenshot with the in-game profile.

If you made purchases, please send a receipt of your last purchase.

Confirm that you want to delete your personal data

Want to delete account connected by Facebook?

If your account is connected with Facebook, we also suggest you to send us your Facebook ID. Please read from our Knowledge Base “How to find your Facebook ID” for further instructions.

If all the criteria are met, once we receive this information we can proceed with deleting your account. However further details can also be asked in some situations.
After deleting the account all records of its existence from our system will be deleted.

If you are logged in with Facebook i.e. merged with Facebook account, we will unlink them in order to delete the profile. This means that all your progress on the game will also be deleted from Facebook, which means that if you want to come back to play, you will have to start from the beginning.

Keep in mind that if you delete your account you are definitely deleting all your game data, account and personal data from our servers and this is a procedure that might take up to 30 days. However in some cases, if we are unable to validate your account, we might take more then 30 days.

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